Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I’m coming back in full effect
Got rid of the dirty smack
Spitting all the rhymes I can get
U better look at this picture it ain’t just that right
The rhythm must break loose
And u better not refuse
So just put your hands in the muthafuckin‘air
Relax your mind like u just don’t care
Cause we are here to put some groove in da place
Hit u in da face with the swingin bass
I got no time to get into a fightI
have better things to do through the night
Watch me exploding like dynamite
Like sonic the hedge hog flashing outta sight
Waiting for to long this is my hour
Let the rhythm reign let me devour
Right on
It comes with the summer, a lively beat
Bright colours the heat and then it was gone
It was a different one that autumn brought
Like the falling leaves bouncing in the breeze
Soft tones grey horizons the rhythm has changed
Matching with the seasons of different beats
Much like the fashion or the crowd direction
The summer’s out of season the circle is complete
The rhythm’s repetition in the sense of progress
A day after a second emotions and movement
The rhythm ain’t stagnation let the rhythm reign
Right on
Break it down once again the return of the funk man
Not back from the dead like Freddy krugger in your bed
But I’m coming to get u
I’m coming to get u so what you
Gonna doI’m sick and tired of seeing you play
Whit other people’s life’s every single day
You are no better than the rest
Of the sucks who think they are the best
So it’s about time listen to my rhyme
I’m gonna put you right in the grime
Nothing can stop me u know
Cause I’m feeling like Brandon Lee in the crow
Cause every time u pull the trigger
Our hate grows bigger and bigger
Right on

Da Weasel - Right On Lyrics


Bandida said...

um fósforo em forma de círculo. a esgrimir chamas. para ti, velas.

e um beijo


amazing said...

deves ter a mania que és escritora, deves deves :D

Dawa said...

Gostei! ;)

Camarada Choco said...


Mais um Blog que se tornou um Livro!

Filme da apresentação disponível no YouTube em “Camarada Choco”

Bia said...

Gostei muito desta música!

Afonso said...

Gostei muito da música!

PintoRibeiro said...

Destes não gosto mesmo nada, mas bfsemana e bjinho na mesma. Relax.

Fernando Pinto said...

Gostei muito deste blogue. Parabéns! Vou voltar para passear o olhar com mais calma...

Abraço do FM

Mateso said...

A merry-go-round and its ups and downs like us but isn't life just a movement itself?

mariazinha said...

Tocaram essa nas marés vivas em Gaia.
"Nothing can stop me u know
Cause I’m feeling like Brandon Lee in the crow"... what a feeling!